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Declaration of Independence Checklist

                                                                                                                                                  Just published and offered for sale at $39.95.

The author has contracted for a limited number of copies of the Declaration of Independence Checklist to be printed and offered for sale to the public (while quantities last) for those desirous of a traditional hardbound copy of the book, suitable for shelving and easy accessibility. A PDF copy of the Declaration of Independence Checklist can also be downloaded, at no cost, for those who desire a softcopy of the book accessible via personal computer. In addition to the indexes provided with the Declaration of Independence Checklist, the softcopy permits more sophisticated computer word searches to be performed on the text, which some users may find particularly useful.
Subjects Covered in the Declaration of Independence Checklist:

The subjects covered in the checklist, and the number of works in each subject area, are listed below. 

  • History 126: American Revolution; U.S. history; state history; British history; includes 27 works describing important historical events.
  • Law 103: collections of U.S. and state laws; records of the Continental Congress, U.S. Congress, state legislatures and state general assemblies; guides for being your own lawyer. 
  • Political Science/Patriotic 29: political societies; federal procession; discourses; orations; addresses.
  • Both Law and Political Science 78: collections of state constitutions; U.S. treaties; U.S. and state documents.
  • Biography 17: noted American and British personages; signers of the Declaration of Independence; George Washington.
  • Other 47: school books; instructional books (reading & speaking, spelling, short hand); almanacs; registers; atlases; magazines dealing with various subjects.
Important Features of the Declaration of Independence Checklist:
  • 400 checklist entries: 358 works printing the Declaration of Independence plus 42 supporting or related works.
  • 134 newspaper titles with 272 newspaper issues printing the Declaration of Independence.
  • Each checklist entry consisting of the following descriptive elements: title, states (if any), collation, pagination, list of contents, references, sources, and notes.
  • An introduction with detailed explanations of checklist formats.
  • Author, title, and general indexes, facilitating easy access to checklist entries.
  • Keys to reference names, library symbols, and media collection symbols.
  • A preface detailing major findings from the checklist.
  • A list of references cited.
  • 744 acid free pages, durable cloth covers, with sewn binding for smooth opening.
  • 30 years in the making.

Over 100,000 books, pamphlets, and periodicals were published during the period, 1776-1825. A mere 358 reprint the text of the Declaration of Independence; two thirds of these do not mention the Declaration of Independence in their title, thus making the Declaration of Independence checklist the vital link, or key to the lock, so-to-speak, permitting these works to be accessed. Each such work, is a primary information source, important in its own right, but doubly important because it reprints the Declaration of Independence -- one of the country's founding documents. Together, the checklist entries trace the history of the Declaration of Independence, heretofore not possible to be studied in such depth and detail.

It is no accident that thousands of our citizens visit the National Archives in Washington, D.C., each year to view the hand inscribed copy of the Declaration of Independence.

No scholar or student of law, history, or political science should be without this important book.

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