US Declaration Of Independence: US DeclarationofIndependence

Checklist: a bibliography, catalogue, guide, source book

Declaration of Independence Checklist
The words Declaration of Independence have two common variant spellings:
  • Déclaration of Independence
  • Declaration of Independance
In web site documents, these words are sometimes written in the following compacted forms:
  • DeclarationofIndependence
  • DéclarationofIndependence
  • DeclarationofIndependance
The words Declaration of Independence are also abbreviated:
  • DOI
  • DofI

The word checklist is sometimes written check list.


The Declaration of Independence Checklist is a list (check list, bibliography, catalog, catalogue, guide, guidebook, handbook, source book, reference book) of books, pamphlets, periodicals, and newspapers, printing the complete text of the Declaration of Independence, in English. The standard dictionary definitions of the terms checklist, bibliography, catalog, catalogue, guide, guidebook, handbook, source book, and reference book, include (although not limited to) the following descriptions:

  • A list is a series of items written one after the other.
  • A checklist is a list of items to be checked or considered.
  • A bibliography is a list of writings relating to a given subject.
  • A catalog or catalogue is a list (or publication containing such a list) of titles arranged systematically.
  • A short title catalog is a bibliographical resource that identifies books on a certain subject.
  • A guide is something, such aas a pamphlet, that offers basic information (e.g., a guidebook).
  • A handbook is a reference work intended to provide ready reference.
  • A source book or reference book is a book to which one can refer for authoritative information.

Bibliographers Ralph R. SHaw and Richard H. Shoemaker used the term checklist in the title of their 19-volume book entitled "American Bibliography, a preliminary checklist, 1801-1819," published in 1958. Today, the term checklist is used to describe a variety of bibliographic works.

Fredson Bowers, in his book "Principles of Bibliographical Description," states the following: "Descriptive bibliography is an outgrowth of the catalogue, or hand-list, a type of compilation which will always exist as one of the basic needs of scholarship. Although certain distinctions are sometimes made between a catalogue and handlist (or checklist), it is convenient to treat the two forms as synonymous. Their primary purpose is to make available a listing of books in a certain collection or library, or else in a certain field, such as a specific period, a particular type of literature, a definite subject, or an individual author."

Philip Gaskelll, in his book "A New Introduction to Bibliography," has this to say: "'Bibliography', meaning a list of books described in more or less detail, is an over-used and ambiguous word, for it is applied to anything from an abbreviated check-list of references to a minutely particularized descriptive investigation....A bibliography based on analytical techniques is not the same thing as a catalogue of particular books, however detailed the catalogue may be."


JUST PUBLISHED. Declaration of Independence — A Checklist of Books, Pamphlets, and Periodicals, Printing the Declaration of Independence, 1776-1825. A free PDF copy of the checklist can be downloaded from the Home Page. You can also purchase a hardbound copy of the checklist at a most reasonable price. See the Home Page for additional details and offerings. 
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